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Publication Date: September 3, 2010
Language: English

About the Book

Obesity is a worldwide phenomenon with the increasing use of modern gadgets and conveniences, which ensure we do not have to move a muscle except to press the remote button the burgeoning incidences of disease, depression and premature deaths have meant a rising awareness about the benefits of exercise.

With most exercise regimens making adherents huff and puff, people usually fall by the wayside before the benefits are noticeable. But relax this book does not expect you to cross the pain barrier. Instead, the focus is on a practical, pleasant and doable exercise regimen where you tailor each Programme to suit your individual requirements

In essence, this book will ensure that exercise s no longer a word you dread, by something you look forward to. The myriad benefits will thereafter flow of their own accord. And a fit, active, healthy life will be your ultimate reward.

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About the Author

The author of five books, Barun Roy is a postgraduate diploma holder in Computer-aided Designing and a double graduate in aeronautical and computer Engineering.

Born in Darjeeling, You did his schooling in the same town and thereafter went to Chennai for higher studies. In 1998, he won the Super Intellectual award for his paper titled, Aerospace – the future lies beyond. In 1999, the Management Studies Promotion Institute, New Delhi declared him the Outstanding Personality of the Year 199. In the same year, he was nominated for the Distinguished Leadership Award by the American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA.

A power-lifter and body-builder, Roy is a bona fide member of the Darjeeling Divisional Body-building Association, recognized by the Indian Body-building Federation, Chennai.